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Yoga Therapy

I offer gentle Yoga Therapy sessions tailored to you, to support healing on all levels, from physical to mental, emotional, and spiritual. As you stretch your body, you also stretch your mind and heart. Letting go of physical tension, you release mental and emotional blocks. Writing and journaling can be integrated to tap into the wisdom of your body. Yoga Therapy is suitable for beginners and all levels. I individualize each Yoga Therapy session and take into account any special needs or mobility limitations. Whether you are dealing with injuries, chronic pain, aging issues, or simply want to improve your flexibility and overall well-being, Yoga Therapy can help. You may choose to focus on a particular part of the body, or a particular quality that you would like to bring into your day, such as relaxation. I also offer sessions for couples and small groups. 


I am inspired by my teacher training courses in Hatha Yoga, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, and Dreams and Kundalini Yoga from Yasodhara Ashram in the Kootenays. I integrate elements of Sound Therapy and Somatic Therapy in Yoga Therapy sessions. 


Wear clothes that are comfortable to stretch in, and bring a journal for insights!

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