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About Me

As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, specializing in Relational Somatic Therapy and Trauma Therapy, I facilitate personal growth and healing for all ages, from children to adults. With a background in Arts Education, Expressive Arts Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Movement, and Music, I offer private one-on-one and group sessions to support people of all ages and from all walks of life dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, transitions, and other life challenges. I have worked with First Nations people dealing with intergenerational trauma, including survivors of residential schools and their children. Having witnessed profound transformation in clients, I am dedicated to supporting this process of individual--and collective--healing. Empowering each individual to make positive change is my passion.

I am also a certified teacher with the Vancouver School Board, and have been teaching in Adult Education since 2007. In addition, I have taught in Asia and around the world. I lived in Japan for three years and taught at public schools in rural mountain villages, where I learned Taiko, traditional Japanese drums, and studied Nihonbuyo, traditional Japanese dance. I fell in love with the Japanese aesthetic, the rural countryside, and a more simple way of life, connected to nature. Travelling in India, I volunteered with Tibetan refugees in Dharamshala and street children in Delhi, and I have studied classical Indian vocals and dance in Varanasi. 

My travels to far off lands ultimately led me to my journey within. I have done teacher training in Hatha Yoga, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Dreams and Kundalini Yoga at Yasodhara Ashram in the Kootenays and I integrate those elements into my sessions. I am touched by the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. I believe in our creative potential as human beings to overcome obstacles and to grow with each experience. Like the lotus, which grows through muddy waters to reach the light and bloom, we too can grow from darkness and reach our own highest potential. 

My own personal experience with intergenerational trauma has inspired me to study healing modalities and to be of service to all. I believe that we are one, each individual a part of the whole. We each carry a light, and if we shine our light together, we can uplift each other and make the world a brighter place.

I know firsthand that transformation is possible, and how difficult change can be. After a lifetime of disliking my voice, I began singing with a non-audition, drop-in community choir to overcome my fear of singing. I noticed that my body and mind felt different while singing, more relaxed, more open, more embodied. I continued singing with various community choirs for over a decade, and, inspired by many powerful community choir leaders passionate about social justice, I completed the Community Choir Leadership Training program in 2018. I now belong to the international UBUNTU Choirs Network and integrate the healing power of song and sound in my therapy practice.

The human heart has the power to heal. It takes courage to face challenges, to change old patterns and limiting beliefs. Congratulations for taking the important step of seeking support. It is my greatest honour and pleasure to facilitate this journey of self-discovery for those who are wishing for change in their lives . . . Transformation is possible. Dreams can come true!



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